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After School Workshops

BlocksCOOL after school workshops are everything a child would want in an after school program. Each class is fun, fast paced, interactive, collaborative and at the end of each weekly one hour class they have literally brought an inanimate object to life. Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it?

During a BlocksCOOL after school program children work in small groups under the supervision of a BlocksCOOL-trained educator to complete various LEGO® based projects that provide children with a first-hand look at the practical real-world application of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Each BlocksCOOL student will have the opportunity to bring their creations to life by utilizing a LEGO® specifically designed for this type of educational program. Using this child-friendly software your child will be able to program their creations to speak, move, and respond in numerous ways, which will help strengthen your child’s technological and engineering skills while having fun with their classmates.

For more information about BlocksCOOL after school workshops contact us.

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