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Our Team

Our instructors and staff at BlocksCOOL are highly trained highly educated individuals dedicated to helping children explore the exciting world of science and technology by providing them with a unique fun hands-on learning experience.

John Khin (Co-Founder)

John’s passion for learning through exploration stems from his experiences with his 8 year-old son, a LEGO® enthusiast. John’s love for his children, including his 2 year-old daughter, has led him to take an active role in their lives. Presently, John enjoys spending his time as a Den Leader and as a coach for his town’s soccer and baseball leagues as well a basketball and track coach at his son’s elementary school.

John’s passion for LEGOs® and children is not the only asset that he brings to blocksCOOL. His worldy life and learning experiences began at a young age. Born in Rangoon, Burma, and growing up in the borough of Queens, NY, John has learned quite a bit about diversity and what it takes to make our world go ’round. Ultimately, these experiences encouraged John to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing and Asian Studies from St. John’s University. Presently, he satisfies his need to examine, explore and analyze the goings-ons of the world through his job at a news-gathering media organization where he has been employed as a Sales Operation Analyst for the past sixteen years.

Joe D’Angelo (Co-Founder)

Joe is a devoted family man who is happily married and the father of two wonderful children, as well as a volunteer basketball coach for his daughter’s and son’s CYO basketball teams. Over the years Joe and his wife have witnessed first hand the appreciation that their children, and their children’s friends, have for LEGOS®. Joe himself has very fond childhood memories of LEGOs®, which is a testament to how Legos have stood the test of time. In an era where electronics and technology dominate the children’s toys market, LEGOs® have adapted successfully and impressively, especially with regard to their STEM (i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) oriented educational products, in which technologically advanced LEGOs® are used to introduce and re-enforce important problem solving concepts in all of these subjects. The popularity of LEGOs®, and their positive and beneficial effects on children of all ages, has inspired Joe and his partners to create and develop blocksCOOL.

With a Bachelor of Science Degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology and many years of executive experience in Engineering and Operations Management in the manufacturing industry, Joe is committed to applying his education and experience towards making blocksCOOL a success. Over the course of his education and professional experience, Joe has realized that, with the power of science and technology, there is no limit to what can be accomplished, and he is excited and eager to instill this “anything is possible” mindset, into every blocksCOOL student.